AQUADIS started in this field in 1987, at a time when TROUT was beginning to take off on FRENCH live fish markets, and on the French wholesale markets for fruit, vegetables and agricultural products, through wholesalers.

Thanks to breeding control and the first offset egg-laying, TROUT seemed to be one of the future flagship products of the Fresh Seafood range.

AQUADIS, in its quest to follow the expansion of this new product, did everything in its power to obtain conformity with the AFNOR standard in 2001.

TROUT is a product of the future, and our speciality.

As we were in a strong position because of the quality of our breeding sites, our know-how and our commitment to environmental friendliness, we were able to pursue the adventure towards the top-of-the-range, with TROUT cuts and the first further processed products.

Once the investments in the fish farms were over, we completely modernised the processing plant in 2005, thus guaranteeing full product traceability from the egg to the finished product.

Our development plan also included diversification; we acquired two lines for putting the produce into protective atmosphere trays, and branched out into new products such as cooked shellfish, sea fish and processed organically-farmed trout and salmon.

Our range of products was completed by sea matured trout from Brittany at the beginning of the year.

AQUADIS is an Environmental Protection Classified Facility; it has kept its rural flavour and procures its TROUT from BRITTANY and its FRESH SEAFOOD from the ports of BRITTANY.

Aquaculture can undeniably offer the most reassuring produce on supermarket fish counters. AQUADIS management and staff strive for transparency and efficient communication between the industry players and the consumers.

AQUADIS' short-term ambition is to obtain the International Food Standard (I.F.S.) certification, so as to confirm its commitment to Quality and its desire to always satisfy the consumer.

We can summarise our challenges for the coming years in a few words:


We must continue to be a strength of proposal, to be transparent as regards our activities, to develop and comply with our customers' specifications so as to perpetuate our markets and carry on growing.


Our staff are trained in the fields of hygiene and safety regulations, both on the job and via the Internet. AQUADIS has committed itself to continuously improving its staff's know-how.


Water is life, and the future of our planet depends on it.

Our commitment to this in both the processing plant and the fish farms is complete. We agree to reduce our water consumption, to control our effluents and to move towards a 100% reclamation of our waste.