EC and I.C.P.E. (Environmental Protection Classified Facility) approved

The processing plant is authorised to cut 14 tons of raw material per day.

For the past few months, AQUADIS has offered a very wide range of fresh and frozen produce: de-boned, ripe or gutted pink trout, extra trimmed or standard fillets, steaks, slices, kebabs, sea matured trout and organically-farmed trout (certified by ECOCERT F32600).

The size of the produce and packing lists can vary, and are adapted to the produce and to customers' demands.

l'usine de transformation
AQUADIS has also added Seafood Produce to its range since 2005. Thanks to the extension of our sanitary certification, we now offer different kinds of sea fish (Alaska pollock, Whiting, Pout, ….), cooked fresh shellfish in boxes and controlled-atmosphere trays.

The production facilities

  • 3 KROMA RAVENSTRUP fish-gutting machines (600 kg/h)
  • 3 PISCES and POLYFISH filleting machines (600 kg/h)
  • 1 PISCES HSV heading / fish-gutting machine
  • 2 SCANVAEGT check weighers (15 tons/day)
  • 1 BAADER fish-gutting – deboning machine (300 kg/h)
  • 1 V.M.K. machine for Butterfly Fillets
  • 1 PALGA semi-automatic kebab machine
  • 1 VARLET peeler
  • 2 CERCLEUROP strapping machines
  • 1 ventilated quick-freezing tunnel
  • 8 buffer tanks for living fish supplied with liquid oxygen (one tank is dedicated to organically-farmed produce)
  • 1 FAIVRE screw for fishing before Slaughtering
  • 2 automatic sealing lines for controlled-atmosphere trays.
A dynamic team of 30 people spends each day cutting and preparing TROUT and FRESH SEAFOOD produce for the most well-known French companies.

We are able to deliver fresh or frozen produce anywhere in France within 24 hours, and abroad in record time, thanks to our geographical position and outstanding transport and logistics.
traffic plan

Traffic plan